Friday, October 13, 2006

Blogging! My Ass!

Recently a friend of mine told me about the phenomenon of blogging. I asked him "huh" "What's this?!" "Some new kind of internet porn?!". He just stared at me like I was some kind of freako from Mars or what, then he explained to me that blogging was just like a personal diary that you kept but which had nothing personal about it. It was online and could be read by thousands of people across the world.

I asked him what's the point in keeping such a journal if every asshole in the world can read it. He told me that it was just fun and that people can leave comments and you can share your ideas and experiences with them. And here's some blogs that I have read just to show you the amazing infinity of human stupidity:

(Note: these are all real blogs people are writing about, right down to the grammar and spelling mistakes)

1. "Por Favor, No Me Haga Usted Reír"

(Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord)-El Blog del Vengador De La Capa-

Arbitrium Vincit Omnia

viernes, octubre 13, 2006

Los regalos de Caín

Escribo ésto para responder a esta entrada de Blogtella al mar.

La pregunta es: Por qué Dios rechaza los regalos de Caín y no los de Abel?

Partamos de que Dios es imparcial, no prefiere a un hermano o a otro. Tampoco le importa el propio objeto que le den; Caín era agricultor, Abel ganadero, pero no creo que a Dios le importe una cabra o una lechuga.

Lo que sí le importa es la intención del regalo. Mi teoría es que aceptaba los de Abel porque éste le ofrecía cosas de buen grado, por puro amor y devoción. Caín le ofrecía cosas para obtener un favor como los que obtenía Abel. Es como cuando en clase te ofreces para borrar la pizarra y te ponen un punto más en el examen, al día siguiente la gente lo hace por el punto y no por el propio acto benéfico. Esto es lo mismo. Los regalos de Caín eran "sucios", estaban manchados por una intención egoísta, mientras que Abel le regalaba cosas no por el resultado, sino porque así lo sentía.

Si seguimos con esta teoría, se abre otra explicación de por qué Caín mató a Abel. Quizá no por envidia, sino porque pensó que la ofrenda que le tenía que hacer a Dios era una ofrenda real, darle algo que realmente le importase.

- If you are keen on writing a blog in a language that only 10% of the inhabitants of Earth, then you should just stick to pen & paper fucking retard! And do you think looking like some kind of Clint Eastwood in that photo profile of yours is cool moron?

2. Tinnitus-and-crestor-Rnzo

One hearing the assistance can transmit to the other side so that to support on one button of the program of the help changes simultaneously the other assistance and the two assistances change basic arrangements simultaneously. The systems of FM listening are now emergence with receivers without wire integrated with the use of the hearing aids. A separate radio it microphone can be given to a associate with the use in a restaurant, the car or one another room. the voice is transmitted wirelessly to the hearing aids reducing the effects of outdistance and bottom noise. Many theatres and halls of conference are now equipped with systems of assistive listening which transmit noise directly stage; members of assistances can borrow the suitable receivers and hear the program without background noise. directional microphones much of hearing aids have microphones now directional, which can be an important improvement of tight places such as restaurants and of the offices open-plan, because the directional microphone allows the user to concentrate on that which is directly in before with the reduced interference of the conversations behind and at the sides. -mxMY

- Who gives a damn about microphones! And anyway what kind of name Tinnitus-and-crestor-Rnzo is that! Looks better for a dog than a blog!

3. Headlines on Things That Matter"

News items of interest in: World News, Politics, Opinion, Technology, Gadgets, Business, Money, Entertainment, Lifestyles, Health, Science and Odd News. Updates daily.

Sony says developing video Walkman

Sony Corp. said on Thursday it is developing a video-capable Walkman, playing catch-up with Apple Computer Inc.'s market-leading iPod.

- Maybe he thinks that this is a "news of interest" for jerks who got nothing better to do than watch porn on their video walkman instead of having some real sex!

4. Lover of Narnia

I GOT A CAT!!!!!!

Yes, it's true I got a cat!!!

I got home from youth group last night (Thursday) and walked into my room not noticing the cat bed on the floor in the living room. I walked into my room where it was dark except for the light coming in through my door from the living room. I saw this thing sitting on my bed and immediatly knew it was a cat. I screamed and then started to bawl and my mom was laughing and then Maddie came into my room and screamed and then we found out that we had a new member of our family. JACKIE!!!

She is a calico (which are the friendliest kind excluding tabbies) She is all white with brown and black on the top of her back and she has a small brown/black spot on top of her head.

- Who cares you got a cat! Maybe if you showed pictures of your pussy, that would have been more interesting you stupid cow!

I read a few more blogs but I seriously think that I'm getting a heart attack (that's not a joke by the way) with all this crap people have the time to write about!